FALL: Digital Drawing & Graphic Design for Beginners WEDNESDAYS 6:45pm-8:45pm

FALL: Digital Drawing & Graphic Design for Beginners WEDNESDAYS 6:45pm-8:45pm

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REGISTRATION OPTIONS: Choose one of our awesome DISCOUNTED CLASS PKGS that run once a week according to our Fall calendar from Sep 1- Dec 31.

CLASS PKG 7 wks Wednesdays Nov 6-Dec 18 FEE $530


SIGN UP for DROP IN CLASS Pick your own dates at drop in rates- Please note if your registering outside of advertised calendar schedules you must book Drop ins . Simply select your drop in date(s) in our drop down menu below

***Please note single one-off drop in classes are offered as fun taster sessions & are not meant to substitute for a full study in your chosen subject. For a more comprehensive learning experience in your choice of media, we recommend signing up for a full Class PKG.

CLASS SYLLABUS: This is a foundation class which explores the basics of digital painting using the iPad with Stylus. Each class will begin with a warm up sketch using outline interface, brushes, layers, color picker & preferences for 5, 15, 60 minute sketches. We will work on line: mechanical drawing, brush dynamics, the importance of light & surfaces, rendering techniques & painting from real life. We will also explore the anatomy of color, line volume, space & a variety of textures for example- layering. About half way through this course, we will work on figure drawing with charcoal brushes, doodles & learn professional tips to employ accuracy, along with thumbnailing & bashing techniques. As we complete these exercises each student will work on their own project to demonstrate all the topics assessed throughout the term. Students will be given the opportunity to learn digital skills for the Adobe Creative Suite (primarily: Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Animate).This can include an in-depth breakdown of Photoshop, Graphic Design theory, Video Editing Skills and Animation Techniques. In this course you will be given the skills to record, edit and add basic SFX to your own videos, as well as create finished images for publishing on social media, Instagram & YouTube.

* Previous drawing experience is helpful for this course but not essential. Beginners are welcome.

MATERIALS: For this course you will need your own iPad ( preferably iPad pro) & Laptop, along with design app installed: art Studio or Art Studio Pro, & an Apple pencil. (iPad is fine for sketching/drawing/painting but a Laptop is required for Adobe Creative cloud, Graphic Design and video editing)

*** Please note Adobe creative cloud is a paid software service but there are free alternatives & free adobe trials available too. Your instructor will advise.

FALL: Digital Drawing & Graphic Design for Beginners WEDNESDAYS 6:45pm-8:45pm:
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