FALL : Watercolor Painting for Beginners FRIDAYS 3:00pm-5:00pm

FALL : Watercolor Painting for Beginners FRIDAYS 3:00pm-5:00pm

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REGISTRATION OPTIONS: Choose one of our awesome DISCOUNTED CLASS PKGS that run once a week according to our Fall calendar from Sep 1- Dec 31.

CLASS PKG 9 wks Fridays Nov 1-Dec 27 FEE $655

OR SIGN UP for DROP IN CLASS Pick your own dates at drop in rates ($80)- Please note if your registering outside of our advertised calendar schedules you must book Drop ins . Simply select your drop in date(s) in our drop down menu below

***Please note if signing up for a drop in class, we do not guarantee that you will finish your project in one sitting. Single one-off classes are offered as fun taster sessions & are not meant to substitute for a full study in your chosen subject. As with all art it is not about the end result, but more about the journey, so if you don’t finish your project in one session, you can always book another session with us or finish your project at home! For a more comprehensive learning experience in your choice of media, we highly recommend signing up for a full Class PKG.

CLASS SYLLABUS: Learn the luminous method of Watercolor painting in this essential in depth foundation course. We will begin our course, with preliminary sketching exercises, and then move on to learning the process of dry- brush technique & application of washes. Demonstration & discussion on how to approach composition, tone & form and how to set up your personal palette & capture light & transparency -the true character of watercolor painting! Explore both traditional, and new techniques for varied effects, color mixing, shading, composition, texture and contrast. As the course progresses, students will be encouraged to use the medium to its full potential and to expand traditional watercolor approaches with more advanced techniques and perhaps combining other mediums—for example, gouache, ink, chalk pastel or acrylic. Students are encouraged to bring their own personal subject matter from which to work from, this can be- for example a botanical landscape plants, Butterflies or portrait work etc. Students will receive individual critiques and practical advice at all stages of this painting process. This is a great course to challenge yourself to build on your existing skills as a painter. Previous drawing experience for this course is useful but not essential. Beginners- Intermediate to more established artists are all welcome.

MATERIALS: Painting & Paper supplies are included, but NOT canvas, please bring a canvas with you to your first class. We suggest a medium size canvas to start. You may need additional canvas throughout the duration of your course, depending on the project & how small/large you work.

Limited select size canvas are available for purchase CASH ON DELIVERY $35 & up (Please have the proper change with you). If you require a LARGE CANVAS or specific/customized canvas, please purchase & bring with you to class, as we may not have these available at the studio

Speciality materials such as glazes or mediums might be introduced for basic exploration but are NOT available on a week to week basis, if you require these speciality materials please bring with you to class.

FALL : Watercolor Painting for Beginners FRIDAYS 3:00pm-5:00pm:
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