Donate to Creatively Wild

Our mission is to unify, embrace and empower all individuals and communities creatively.

For the past nine years, Creatively Wild has provided progressive & traditional art classes, scholarship programs and free public art programs to all age groups, socioeconomic classes and families city wide. We know no cultural or racial boundaries; we believe art is a universal language that inspires a shared love of beauty. 

We Need Your Support

Creatively Wild is in the process of becoming a Not for Profit 501(C)(3). Moreover, as of June 1st, 2018 our operations will be moving to a new location in Dumbo. The vastly improved facilities will allow us to expand our celebrated social skills art activities programs, and to extend our committed engagement into the lower income and disadvantaged communities. We seek to significantly decrease the community barriers to art and increase our accessibility to a more diverse group of students. Creatively Wild envisions a community where creative education is valued as an integral part of the academic and personal development of its youth. 

Our Founder

The founder of Creatively Wild, DM Wilding, a renowned international artist and instructor with over twenty five year experience, initially led the Expressive Arts Program for the famed Bloomberg after-school project LEAP RAVE. The program was awarded the PASEsetter Award; The New York Life Award and the MetLife After- School Innovator Award. Wilding was also selected as an artists-in-residence at Harlem Village Academies Find Your Passion program where she played a key role in the initiative and created mixed media classes. HVA has been praised by both President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg and deemed a model for the national education agenda. 

A Call to Action from the DUMBO and Greater Brooklyn Community

It is only with your love and support that Creatively Wild will be able to expand and make a measurable impact in the Greater New York area. We ask that you help us connect with the businesses in our community and provide support in any way you can, and through working together the Dumbo creative community can continue to thrive.