It's our mission to offer innovative art programs for all ages & 


socio-economic classes.

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Our Mission

Located in the heart of Dumbo, Creatively Wild Art Studio offers innovative art classes for all age groups and socioeconomic classes.

For the past seven years, Creatively Wild has provided art classes, scholarship programs and free public art programs to families across the five boroughs. We know no cultural or racial boundaries; we believe art is a universal language that inspires a shared love of beauty.

Our Vision

Creatively Wild envisions a community where creative education is valued as an integral part of the academic and personal development of its youth.

Why We Need Your Support

We are in the process of becoming a fully incorporated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This new adventure will allow our team to expand our engagement for disadvantaged communities.

This October, our operations will also be expanding to include a broader range of art disciplines such as theater, dance, music, film, animation, graphic design, fashion design, creative writing and poetry. Creatively Wild’s new facilities will allow students to fully explore their creative selves.