Adult Art Classes- NOV- DEC 2018


Our Fab Fall Classes run from September to December 2018, offered daily plus relaxing evening ( & BYOB Classes) for busy schedules! Get awesome discounts if you sign up for a full session ( 6wks or 10 wks/ Please note some Holiday Schedules apply) or last minute Drop Ins also available in all our classes, just select DROP IN at Checkout and choose your date! Materials are included but NOT Canvas, see details for your preferred class.


Fundamentals of Painting & 3D Art

The perfect beginner class to get a start on Painting & Mixed media. Express what you see in daily life into two & three dimensional works of art in this fun & informative class! Paint on canvas or use collage and found object art to create relief pieces using your own subject matter. This course can also be adapted to individual requests within the group. It's a great fit for anyone who wants to explore a wide range of varied media and learn new techniques to apply to future works! Taught by professional teaching artists working in the industry, we offer gentle feedback and constructive criticism, to keep you engaged and inspired!

Mondays 11:00am-1:00pm


Creative Drawing for Beginners

unnamed-4 (1).jpg

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? In this relaxing class, learn practical drawing techniques you can apply to many forms of artistic expression! Explore techniques: from traditional shading & perspective, and use various media including pencils, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink. Work from still life observation, landscape sketching, or personal, subject matter (portraits or photographs etc) you decide! This course is designed for total beginners who want to develop useful practical skills, it is a valuable class for those who work in design, fashion, architecture. PLUS BYOB if you like!

Mondays 7:30pm-9:30pm


Open Studio: Person Creative Journey


Looking for inspiration or to challenge yourself? This is the perfect class to develop your self-expression, through observation or interpretation in a wide range of artistic mediums. For students with a foundation art experience, or advanced students looking to push their work to the next level. This class will inspire breakthroughs and creative growth as you invest and apply yourself to creating your goals. Our professional teaching artists, offer constructive feedback, in a relaxed friendly way. We encourage new techniques & the use of unconventional materials to create one of a kind art pieces. Work from personal subject matter, realism, abstraction, landscape, still-life, found-object art, mixed-media and 3D art.

Tuesdays 12:00pm-2:00pm


Foundation Art for Beginners


The perfect foundation art class. Develop basic skills and learn new techniques in painting, drawing and 3D art where you will learn; color theory, application, mixing, texture, and composition. We encourage you to develop ideas based on personal subject matter close to your heart that will individualize your work and creative vision. Use materials such as pastels, charcoal, inks, acrylic paint, and learn techniques and new skills: Work in collage; mixed-media and found-object art! Taught by professional teaching artists in a nurturing relaxing studio environment.

Tuesdays 7:00pm- 9:00pm


Expressive Landscape Painting for Beginners

40421180_1951006724955956_6385277945673416704_o (1).jpg

Learn invaluable lessons on how to compose a natural landscape on canvas, using realism, or explore the world of abstraction and develop a more subjective approach to painting. In the Winter months, when the weather is bad and going out is difficult, we will work from photos, pictures or personal subject matter. Work in the medium of your choosing: Pencils, Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics, Pencils or Pastels or even Mixed Media! Get tips from our amazing professional teaching artists, who will nurture you on your journey. Our friendly relaxing studio environment is the perfect place to learn this enriching craft of painting. Devise finished pieces of artwork of your favorite landscapes and locations to proudly bring home and display in your home or give as gifts to those you love!

Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm


Painting Therapy: Color & Texture Workshop

Creating art is in its very essence therapeutic and stimulating, the art of doing and creating something, feeds our soul and hearts. Art is the greatest teacher and a powerful form of self-expression and self-healing. In this relaxing class we welcome you to explore with us the healing powers of painting and color. Explore color and the huge part it plays in our lives, explore color and texture combinations and learn to paint in a spontaneous way that will free you up and get you in touch with self again! Even if you never picked up a paintbrush, this class will move you toward understanding, as you learn a new language, our confidence will grow.

Wednesdays 7:15pm - 9:15pm


Introduction to Still Life Drawing & Painting


Learn practical skills and take inspiration as you observe from still life all around you. Studying still life will help you develop a strong set of foundation art skills, and prepare you for an exciting journey ahead as your work evolves. Create and interpret from man-made objects, furniture or natural: food, flowers, or personal subject matter. Receive supportive, constructive feedback from our professional teaching artists in this stimulating class, all while working at your own pace!

Thursdays 10:30am - 12:30pm


Introduction to Oil Painting for Beginners 


In this relaxing BYOB beginner class, learn the basics of oil painting. Explore color, shape, tone, texture and relate all these elements through composition. Develop color mixing, brushwork skills- painting light and shadows to create volume, depth, texture and use special effects! Learn how to handle this exciting technique with confidence, and approach painting subjects with ease. Choose to work from personal subject matter as you explore your now creativity.

Thursdays 8:00pm-10:00pm


The Art of Abstract Painting

This exciting art technique is all about learning how to see the world and capturing that in a uniquely personal and deeply expressive way! Through practical exercises, gain the knowledge to turn everyday objects, still life or your favorite personal subject matter into magical abstract paintings.  Taught by professional teaching artists, your 10 or 6 wk session will be taught in a supportive and friendly way, encouraging you to explore this exciting art form. The class is suited to beginners, or to intermediate students with some foundation art experience.

Fridays 9:00am- 11:00am 


Relaxing Weekend Classes


Saturdays: 3 Hr Intensive Oil Painting for Beginners to Intermediate


In this exciting 3 hr intensive, become familiar with the skills & techniques of oil painting, a rich medium that is highly adaptable. Explore color, shape, tone, texture and relate these elements through personal composition. Develop color mixing and brushwork skills- painting light and shadows to create volume, depth, use texture and learn special effects from an experienced professional. Learn how to handle this exciting media with skill & confidence, and approach painting subjects with ease to get the results you want. Choose to work from personal subject matter and inspiration, as you explore your own creativity. Each class is a three hour session in order to give you the time needed to work on projects and complete finished paintings. 

Saturdays 1:00pm-4:00pm


Sundays Paint Shop: Acrylic Painting 101 for Beginners (BYOB)


In this relaxing beginners class, learn the basics of acrylic painting. Develop color mixing and brushwork skills, techniques in painting light and shadows to create volume and depth.Work on your composition, learn to develop style and special effects. Work from personal subject matter, photos or favorite pictures, as you explore your own creativity. Taught by industry professionals working in the visual arts industry, we offer gentle, nurturing guidance and constructive, positive feedback. And a chance to work at your own pace. Finish multiple paintings in a relaxing studio envrionemnt over a course of six weeks or 10! Total Beginners welcome also!

Sundays 2:30pm-4:30pm

 One of our student’s amazing Abstract Paintings!

One of our student’s amazing Abstract Paintings!

Don't see what your looking for here? Email us and let us know what you would like. If you have 3 students or more we can design the class for you around  your preferred subject, and for your preferred dates and times (depending on availability).


Or if your looking for some total one on one tuition why not try a private class. Private classes can be booked according to your preferred dates and times (depending on availability) and on your required subject, they are perfect for tricky schedules or if you are trying to finish a personal project, and need more time to work or more instruction! Get professional, constructive feedback from industry professionals, also available OFF site:  public place, landmark, gallery, park etc or at home (additional fees apply). We also offer semi- private sessions if you wanted to work with a friend, work colleague or loved one, they are the perfect way to bond and unwind after a hard day's work at weekends, plus BYOB! We also offer Private sessions for larger groups, perfect for corporate team building groups or schools, or for those traveling to NYC and looking for the quintessential NY- Brooklyn experience! Held in our gorgeous new studio in beautiful Dumbo, we are surrounded by the most famous Brooklyn landmarks and bridges, not to mention great cafes and restaurants! Check out our discounted rates or email us today if you have a question!


A Note on Materials for your session(s)

  • Materials are included in fees but NOT Canvas

  • Canvas must be purchased prior to class start date.

  • We advise a medium size canvas to start.If your signing up for a full 6 or 10 wk session, keep in mind you will need more then one- so please stock up!

  • Select size canvas can be purchased at our studio for cash on delivery $35 & upwards, but keep in mind we might not have the size canvas you want, so if you require a special size canvas please bring with you to class

  • Speciality materials NOT included, although they may be introduced for minimal exploration, speciality materials are not available on a week to week basis. Speciality materials would include glazes, wax or pouring mediums. If you require any speciality materials, please purchase and bring with you to class start! If you confused about what materials to buy, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your instructor will also advise.