Kid: Self-Expression

Painting - Found Object - Sculpture

This wildly popular art class for kids encourages students to explore their own unique creative life and self-expression. Each week your child will work on a variety of inspiring artistic exercises and projects, mastering techniques, exploring a huge variety of media, manipulating materials such as paint, inks, pastels, collage, and found-object art, and create 3D projects. They will explore various styles and create multiple pieces of artwork to take home and exhibit. Our kids are treated to a highly personalized approach, adjusted for their individual needs, interests, and development. Our professional instructors nurture and encourage kids to appreciate their own unique artistic potential as they dive into the endless possibilities of true artistic self-expression through painting and mixed-media. Perfect for beginners or for students who have taken some artistic instruction but would like to delve deeper, this experience will build a foundation for lifelong creative exploration.

Let’s GET Creatively WILD!


Enrollment Information

Enrollment Options Price
Enrollment Options Price
9 sessions $595
6 sessions $395
5 sessions $330
1 session (drop-in) $75

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