Art Supplies


Materials for Children's Classes

For Childrens/Toddler & Teen Classes, all Art supplies are included on all our weekly sessions including Drop ins.    For more experienced students, for example our Teen Portfolio Students, who might require speciality materials or extra large canvas for their work, please purchase prior to your class and bring with you. We do have select size canvas for sale at the studio, but in the event it is not the size you require, or any materials you need, please bring with you to your first class and your instructor will advise.

Materials for Adult Art Classes

For Adult classes, art supplies are included but Canvas are NOT INCLUDED. Canvas must be purchased prior to class start date. Select size canvas can be purchased at our studio for cash on delivery only, Approximately $35 & up. Special materials, for example textured mediums and waxes, or pouring mediums/ glazes  are only available for minimal exploration at the studio. If you require speciality materials on a week to week basis, we advise that you purchase your own.. While some of these materials may be available for purchase at the studio,we might not have what you need, so we advise you purchase those yourself prior to class. If you require any advice on purchasing your materials, please don't hesitate to ask your instructor.