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Thank you! Please take a second to look over our make-up policies for camps & classes, as well as other important details below.


Make-up Policies 



 * Please note our camps are booked in advance so spaces are limited. CWAS is NOT responsible for providing make-up camp dates or issuing refunds for programs missed as a result of illness, emergencies or other events beyond our control. If you would like to cancel your enrollment in a camp, CWAS will provide you with a full refund minus a $75 registration fee up to two weeks prior to the start of camp If you cancel your registration within two weeks of the start of the camp, CWAS is not able to issue you a refund. We will however try to provide you with a credit minus the $75 registration and re-scheduling Fee, the credit will need to be used within our Summer Camp period. There are no make ups on any camp dates.



PLEASE NOTE our make up policy: If you have an emergency or intend to miss a registered scheduled class. All requests for make ups must be made prior to missing the class by emailing the studio at, Please note make ups are NOT guaranteed at the studio. Make ups are subject to availability in our other classes. A make up cannot be added to a registered class or tacked on at the end of a semester. Make ups do not carry over into the next semester. All make uprequests must be scheduled the studio admin not through instructors. 



MAKE UP POLICY: Please note if you intend to miss one of your registered scheduled classes, please let us know prior to missing your session by email to, so we can let your instructor know you will be absent. Make ups are not guaranteed at our studio and are based on availability in our other classes. Make ups cannot be carried over into new sessions. As make ups are subject to availability in our other classes, if a make up class is scheduled for you, it may be in a different style of dance.



Please be advised that:

* Materials are included but NOT Canvas

* Canvas must be purchased prior to attending class, we advise a mid-size canvas to start.

* Please note select size canvas can be purchased at the studio for CASH ON DELIVERY or during registration. 

* Certain speciality materials for e.g-textured mediums, pouring mediums, waxes,Glazes, Oils, 3D etc  or any other speciality materials are available for minimal exploration, but are NOT supplied on a week to week basis. If you require these materials or any other speciality materials, they can be purchased prior to attending HERE  OR some speciality materials are available for an additional charge at our studio, please keep in mind we might not always have these available, so its a good idea to purchase all your speciality materials prior to attending.