ADVANCED TEEN 2D Computer Illustration & Animation MONDAYS 6:15pm-8:15pm

ADVANCED TEEN 2D Computer Illustration & Animation MONDAYS 6:15pm-8:15pm

530.00 605.00

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Suitable for advanced Teens ages 14-17 yrs
CLASS PKG 8 wks Mondays Nov 4-Dec 30 *NO CLASS Nov 11 FEE $605

CLASS SYLLABUS: In our semester learn a basic introduction to this exciting media. The first few weeks will be spent getting to grips with software fundamentals: squash & stretch & bouncing ball exercises, and motion exercises (head turning & basic timing- ease in & out). The second half of our semester we will learn background theory, 1 /2 point drawing perspective, simple Dynamic Movement, Walk Cycle (Looped Animation) as well as more advanced techniques such as anatomy and pose to pose movement incorporating more Advanced Timing (Anticipation, Recoil).

After each student grasps the fundamental concepts, each student will devise a personal project incorporating what they have learnt. Exploration with a varied range of materials, students will create objects, sets, figures and props, as well as learn camera & lighting basics. We work with industry standard Premiere Pro, students learn the fundamentals of animation sequencing, color correction, making cool titles, finding and mixing great music, as well as learning 2D hand animation essentials, additionally making a flip-book short. By the end of the session you will have a range of own personally directed clips ready to upload to YouTube!

  • Please note a digital art tablet is required (like Wacom) for this class along with a working Laptop or tablet with photoshop CC program available to purchase online.

  • Don't forget to bring the appropriate charger for your device!

  • Please note while we do offer drop in classes (individual dates) in this subject. We ask that you to check your expectation when signing up for a single drop in class-a drop in class will only serve as a basic taster class. It is not possible to cover everything in one session. For serious students intent on a valuable learning experience in this exciting media, we recommend signing up for a complete session & full class PKG.

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