Introduction to Stop Motion Animation for Teens TUESDAYS 4:45pm-6:45pm

Introduction to Stop Motion Animation for Teens TUESDAYS 4:45pm-6:45pm

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Suitable for Teens ages 9-17 yrs


CLASS PKG 8 wks Tuesdays Nov 5-Dec 24 FEE $605


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Please note while we offer drop in classes (individual dates) in this subject. We ask that you to check your expectation when signing up for a single drop in class-a drop in class will only serve as a basic fun taster class. It is not possible to cover everything in one session. For serious students intent on a valuable learning experience in this exciting media, we recommend signing up for a complete session & full class PKG.

CLASS SYLLABUS: This is a foundation class in Stop Motion Animation suitable for beginners ages 9-17 yrs. In the first few weeks of each semester, we will introduce students to Clay Animation, Sculpting techniques & the creation of simple clay characters. Design 3D worlds, lighting theory, matte painting + animation. Midway we will explore storyboarding + advanced clay character sculpting techniques along with advanced animation movements (composition + camera movement). Moving on to abstract & unconventional animation techniques (using everyday objects, time-lapse drawing, improvisational) + finished animation. In the final two weeks we will focus on exercises in recreation of a movie scene in stop motion and devising our final projects.

Total Beginners are welcome in this class. No experience necessary!

  • Suitable for Teens ages 9-17 yrs

  • Students are required to bring their own iPad or iPhone to class, along with the appropriate USB & charger.

  • Students are required to purchase the "STOP MOTION STUDIO PRO" APP prior to attending class. BUY ONLINE for $4.99: PURCHASE HERE

FALL: Introduction to Stop Motion Animation TUESDAYS 4:45pm-6:45pm:
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