SUMMER TEEN: Manga Art & Cartoon Drawing SATURDAYS 12:30pm-2:30pm

SUMMER TEEN: Manga Art & Cartoon Drawing SATURDAYS 12:30pm-2:30pm

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Our 2 hr intensive is taught by an experienced Manga Instructor! Enjoy a super creative, collaborative atmosphere & learn new techniques and skills: Manga/ or Japanese comic book art comes in many different styles and genres. Styles include Chibi, Shoju, Shounen & more! Our class curriculum includes lectures on proportion, color, line, shading and perspective in a composition, as well as placement of the character on a page to create a dynamic narrative. Gain confidence in figurative, technical drawing, storyboarding and inking skills, color theory and the importance of composition to drive the mood of a narrative. Students create a Manga comic based on their own character design or pre-existing Manga characters while expanding on their drawing skills.

  • Suitable for 10-17 yrs 

  • Experience level ranges from complete beginners who love to draw, to more advanced students working in the Shōnen or Shōjo style to make their own comic books- all that’s required is lots of imagination and enthusiasm! 

  • All Art Supplies are included in your class fee: drawing pads for comic book layout, a wide assortment of manga markers for colorizing and micron pens for inking. 

  • Please note all students may provide their own laptop or iPad to convert their drawings into digital form

SUMMER TEEN: The Art of Manga & Cartoon Drawing Saturdays 12:30pm-2:30pm:
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