Hear what our beloved Creatively WILD community think!

Words sort of fail to express how much we love this place...DM and her staff are that rare combination of artists with incredible talent who also understand education and child development. Just an incredibly healthy, stimulating and enriching environment
— John K, Brooklyn (Dad) 
I absolutely adore Creatively Wild because I feel like my kids get an authentic art studio experience with outdoor time at the foot of the spectacular Brooklyn Bridge Park! DM and the outstanding team at CW are so respectful of the little Picassos who come through the door - I have been blown away by the volume and quality of REAL art projects that the kids have come home with!
— Sharon, Brooklyn (Mom)
With a week off of school, we decided to send our 9 yr old daughter. Every day she came home with multiple pieces that she made that morning. And they weren’t just finger painting on paper. You can see there is concept being taught. She began to do more things at home also.
The staff is truly wonderful and you can tell they love what they are doing. We will definitely be back during any break from school and in the summer !!!
— Jarred, Brooklyn (Dad)
I sent my child to their art camp during Christmas, and she loved it so much that I sent her to it again on MLK Day. The teachers are great and my child was thrilled with the art that she came home with. And it wasn’t just finger painting or scribbles (my child is almost 3) - it was art that was based on a Rousseau painting! She insisted on hanging it up on her wall and looks at and talks about it every day.
— Daniela, Brooklyn (Mom)
We absolutely love Creatively Wild, DM & the whole crew. In addition to my daughter’s amazing 6th birthday party that we recently held there, our two girls have spent countless hours creating in the studio - at camps, afternoon classes, & at their free pop-ups around DUMBO. Creatively Wild is a DUMBO BROOKLYN gem. After a day at CW, my 6 year old said “your dreams come true there!”
— Daniel, Brooklyn (Dad)