For all ages & levels children & adults


* You find it hard to focus in a classroom setting or under group instruction
* You want to focus on a specific personal art project that needs completing
* You want to push your work to the next level and beyond
* You seek a relaxing way to  escape stress for a few hours
* You want to learn new techniques and skills or work with new materials.
* You want to develop and create new pieces to build your portfolio.
* You feel blocked and want to jumpstart your creative process.
* You are looking for inspiration for ideas you are forming.
* You want to create original artwork to display in your home or office or to give as gifts.
* You will be visiting New York and want an unrivaled hands-on artistic experience


Whatever your reason for choosing a Private session, we offer an inspiring adventure to unlock your personal creativity. Develop your craft, learn techniques and finish projects. Receive one-on-one gentle guidance and positive feedback from a seasoned professional teaching artist. We tailor your private session to each individual, so tell us what you need and your hopes for your session and  we will advise accordingly and match you with the best instructor to meet your goals. Our sessions are relaxing, non-judgmental and designed especially for you.

  • Private sessions are available mornings, afternoon or evenings, weekdays or weekends.

  • Book by the hour, or check out our great discounted package deals. Packages can be spread out over a period of days or weeks according to your preferred dates and times (depending on availability)

* Booking in advance is required

1 hr session $100    2 Hr PKG $190     3 Hr PKG $285   4 Hr PKG $380  5 Hr PKG $475        6 Hr PKG $570          

7 Hr PKG $665   8 Hr PKG $760 10 Hr PKG $950 12 Hr PKG $1140 16 Hr PKG $1520

*FEE includes Materials but NOT Canvas. Canvas must be purchased prior to your session start date, and brought  to your first class.. Select size canvas can be purchased at our studio for cash on delivery only, approx  $35 & up.


for 2-3 Students 


A relaxing semi-PRIVATE ART SESSION ( 2-3 students) is the perfect activity to share with a loved one, family or a group of friends. Spend a relaxing few hours basking in the world of creativity and bond with family, loved ones or work colleagues. Create a project together & make memories to last lifetime! We will design the activity for you - BYOB if you like! Available morning, afternoons or evenings, weekdays or weekends! Booking for all private sessions in advance is required

1 Hr PKG 2-3 students $150 2 Hr PKG 2-3 students $290 3 Hr PKG 2-3 Students $430 4 Hr PKG 2-3 Students $ 575 6 Hr PKG 2-3 Students $865



We can accommodate large groups in our studio. Perfect for school groups, or groups traveling from out of town and looking to mark the occasion or for special occasions for families or corporate groups looking to bond! A group session is the perfect way to come together and create- whether it is working on an individual project with a theme or a shared piece- Creatively WILD will tailor the class for your group’s needs, let us design a special engaging project to keep your group inspired, from Graffiti sessions to painting in the park or capturing a NYC landmark like the Brooklyn Bridge! We can also include extras (for additional fees) such as yummy Brooklyn Pizza & Prosecco or wine etc! Email us today and let us know how we can help you!

Graffiti Group Session with special guest, Master Graffiti Artist, Kenji

Graffiti Group Session with special guest, Master Graffiti Artist, Kenji

Please note for larger group bookings we offer different price points. For group bookings please email us your request for your group and the amount of students the length of the session you require, along with your dates and times your looking for PLUS any information you think pertinent to your group. We will get back to you with some booking options.

We also offer private sessions at home or in any public space of your choice, for example a museum or public park, landmark etc. Please email us to check  our Off site pricing and details. Please note different rates apply on all offsite sessions. Please include the length of session your require and the location.


Please note for Private sessions, FEE includes Materials but NOT Canvas. Canvas must be purchased prior to class start date and brought with you to your first session. Select size canvas can be purchased at our studio for cash on delivery only, approx  $35 & up. If you require speciality materials- for example, textured mediums, waxes, or pouring mediums/glazes, these are only available for minimal exploration at the studio, and  not available on a week to week basis. Some speciality materials, may be available for purchase at the studio (cash on delivery only), but we might not have what you need in stock, so we advise you purchase these materials prior to your sessions. If you require any advice on purchasing your own materials or canvas for your session, please don't hesitate to email us any questions..


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